Tradução e interpretação da Língua Brasileira de Sinais: Formação e Pesquisa

Marianne Stumpf, Ronice Müller de Quadros


The text that follows is written in Brazilian Sign Language. The paper presents a synthesis of the educational evolution of Brazilian Sign Language translators and interpreters. In 2002, a law was passed recognizing Brazilian Sign Language as the official language used by the Brazilian Deaf community. Since this legislation, numerous actions have been developed to give deaf Brazilians the right to access society in their own language, one of these rights is the translation and interpreting of this language. The qualification of translators and interpreters in Brazil has always been linked to the deaf groups who have argued for the recognition of the Brazilian Sign Language as their mother tongue. Through a Brazilian policy that recognizes this language, translators and interpreters can now achieve undergraduate and graduate level qualifications. This paper presents this process of conquests and qualifications by these professionals in the country.


Libras translation and interpretation; Education of sign language translators and interpreters

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Cadernos de Tradução, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil. ISSN 2175-7968.